Note - Lainey refers to themself as someone with no gender, and has said their pronouns are they/them. Therefore, this entry will reflect this. If they/them or any verbs after those words are used incorrectly, feel free to correct the entry. Whether the pronouns should be applied before she came out will always be debated, so please edit that as you wish.

Taylor Avaroe (born: Anderson) is Gregory Avaroe's (Onision) spouse. They identifies as someone who does not have a gender, so Taylor is referred to, depending on the sentence structure, either by Taylor, Lainey, they, their, or them.

More commonly called "Lainey" or "Laineybot", Taylor has two children with Onision and has dogs as family pets. They have a college degree and currently make beauty and lifestyle videos, many sponsored.

Taylor came into Onision's life when they tweeted him and they finally met when they was 17. In 2011, them and Onision got married and the following year, their first child was born. Lainey ceased posting stomach pictures and saying anything about the child due to vitriol in relation to Onision's online reputation. Even less was said about the second child. It is unknown if any of their pregnancies were multiples, but it can be assumed not, due to most pregnancies producing one child.

Lainey loves to change their hair color. Many times they dye it on video. Their current hair color is blue with her natural color as an undertone.

When Lainey first began making YouTube videos, they were not confident and Onision appeared in their videos to help them out. Lainey has become completely confident in their videos. Viewers have commented on the change. Onision does still appear in the videos.

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