Onision AKA Gregory Jackson DanielL, is a 30 year old YouTuber with a prevalence for airing his drama on the internet.

He has four maintained Youtube Channels where he posts controversial videos. He's been on Youtube for nine years now, and in the past few years has dropped 400+ places in the subscription rankings. His videos are almost always about rape, religion, women's rights, abortion, circumcision, veganism, mental illness or self harm with very little variation. His views on these subjects are militant at best, and propaganda at worst. He has been known to publicly shame anyone and everyone with an opposing view, and his fans (called 'Bananas') drink the proverbial kool-aid on the daily by attacking any of his critics, both online and in person. He's best known for his dramatic love life, which he inflates and airs on all social media outlets.







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