Onision (150)

The Onision channel includes skits and comedy series that are generally funny and may contain controversial issues. Some say he is a villain of YouTube because he says the truth. Some even accuse him of being a fraud.

A pseudo-scandal in 2008 revealed that he was not a real banana. The drama took much of YouTube by storm. The Onision channel was created in 2004 but moved to YouTube on January 29, 2006. In 2017, the channel switched to 50% paid only for a short time, but switched back to all free videos later, the exclusive videos solely being available to people supporting Onision on Patreon. Greg then began reuploading his old videos, censored, along with new videos. However, those videos do not seem to gain any revenue due to lack of any ads whatsoever.

New drama occurred in 2018 when it was discovered a new actress of his, Sam, was not paid for her appearances and may have only been recruited by Onision to be part of a poly-relationship with him and Lainey. She will likely not appear on the channel again.

Many claim the channel is dying or even dead while others staunchly support Greg. The channel still has thousands of views for each video and has over 2 million subscribers.