Emo Charlie Edit

A character created by Onision depicts what a stereotypical "emo" would look like. He his shown as a vegetarian in "10 Things I Hate about Meat Eaters" video. He is shown to like a wide variety of bands that are classified as "emo" including My Chemical Romance. He commonly wears a a black shirt that says "I'm So Emo" in all capital letters backwards, with heavy eyeshadow and eyeliner with a black beanie and jeans. He is a usually calm character unlike others, such as Chibi Derf. In videos he is often depressed and has cut and self mutilated. He also complains and rants about topics on his "Ten Things" list, including
Emo charlie 1

religious beliefs, Santa Claus, and animal rights and freedom.


(Please be careful with plagiarism) March 21, 2017 ^^

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